Akka Mahadevi’s Vachanas


Sr #VachanaSr #Vachana
1« Listen, oh, Mother! I love him,
He is the one, the only one.
He knows no birth and death.
He is uncabined by caste or clime.
He is boundless, changeless, formless;
He is beautiful beyond comparison,
All others fade away and die at last.
I will have none of them.
My Lord shall forever be
The One Channamallikarjuna.»
-- Saint Akkamahadevi 1
6« With Thy sweet soul, this soul of mine.
Hath mixed as water doth with wine.
Who can the wine and water part.
Or me and Thee when we combine?
Thou hast become my greater self.
Small bonds no more can confine.
Thou hast my being taken on.
And shall not I now take on Thine?
Thou for ever hast affirmed.
That I may ever know Thee mine.
Thy love has pierced me through and through.
Its thrill with bone and nerve entwine.
I rest a flute laid on Thy lips.
A flute, I on Thy breast recline;
Breathe deep in me that I may sigh.
Yet strike my strings and tears shall shine.» 1
2"I am no helpless woman
I utter no futile threats
I am nothing daunted
I shall dare hunger and pain
I shall steal out of withered leaves
A wholesome meal
And on pointed sword
Shall make my bed.
I am ready for your sake
To dare the worst
To die this instant
The readiness is all
Oh! my Channamallikarjuna". 1
7"Ye parrots singing in mirthful ease
And Oh! ye swans
Frolicking near the lake
And ye joyous cuckoos
Piping full throated
And ye proud peacocks
Strutting up and down in glee
Over hill and dale
Tell me, Oh! tell me
Ye one and all
Did you ever chance to see my lover
My own Channamallikarjuna". 1
3Will a peacock dance on a little mound and not on a mountain?
Will a swan ever yearn for a small ditch and not for a Lake?
Will a cuckoo sing without fresh green sprouts of mango tree?
Will a bumblebee crave for flower without fragrance?
Listen, oh my friends! Will my mind ever hanker after anything
other than my Lord Chenna Mallikarjuna ? 2
8You are the forest, You are the great trees in the forest,
You are all the animals playing in the forest,
Oh! Lord Chenna Mallikarjuna, You are in all, and yet
You do not show me Your face? 2
4What good is a tree if it cannot provide shade ?
What good is wealth if a wealthy person cannot be compassionate ?
What good is beauty if that beautiful person is not virtuous ?
What good is a pan if one has no food to fill ?
What is the purpose of my life if I have no knowledge of You?
Oh! Lord chenna Mallikarjuna ? 2
9Like a silkworm weaving
her house with love
from her marrow,
and dying
in her body's threads
winding tight, round
and round,
I burn
desiring what the heart desires

Cut through, O Lord,
my heart's greed,
and show me
your way out,

O Lord Chenna Mallikarjuna 3
5I have Maya for mother-in-law;
the world for father-in-law;
three brothers-in-law like tigers;

and the husband's thoughts
are full of laughing women;
no god, this man.

And I cannot cross the sister-in-law.
But I will
give this wench the slip
and go cuckold my husband with Hara, my lord.

My mind is my maid;
by her kindness, I join my Lord,
my utterly beautiful Lord
from the mountain-peaks
my lord as white as Jasmine

and I will make Him
my good husband. 3
treasure hidden in the ground
taste in the fruit
gold in the rock
oil in the seed

the Absolute hidden away
in the heart

no one can know
the ways of our lord Chenna Mallikarjuna 3



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