Naviluteerth Trip



Param Poojya Mahatapsvi Shri Kumarswamiji did long penances here at beautiful Naviluteerth on the bank of Malaprabha river in 1932. Today the place where Gurudeva sat is under dam’s back water.

The exact spot of Gurudeva’s mediation is shown here right behind two men are standing. It was here in 1932 Gurudeva attained oneness with the ruler of time and space. Later in an article on Himself, Gurudeva wrote “…..There are three grades in * * pranayama – prakrita, vaikrita and kumbhaka. The characteristic of the first grade is profuse perspiration or sveda (Sanskrit) of the second grade is shivering and quaking or kampa (Sanskrit) of the third grade is levitation or Utthaana (Sanskrit). In 1932 while I was practising pranayama at Naviluteerth* * *, for the first time I had experience of levitation and that was also my last experience……”