Sri Rudra Muni Festival at Hunshikatti



Sri Rudra Muni had blessed Shri Swamiji’s mother before Swamiji’s birth. When we visited Hunshikatti that day it was Sri Rudra Muni annual festival day at Hunshikatti. The video shows the festival at the temple.

H. H. Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji was born in 1909 on the day of ‘Rakhi Pournima’, at the village Hunshikatti, Belgaum district, Karnataka state, India. Shrimati Chinnamma and Shri Lakshman-appa, a pious married couple, were ardent devotees of a Sage Shri Rudramuni at Hunshikatti village. Even while being pregnant mother Chinnamma used to go and clean Shri Rudramuni’s Ashram every day. Pleased with her devotion and service, Shri Rudramuni blessed the Mother and asked her if she wants anything. The mother said, “Bless me with a son who will bring glory and peace to the family.” Shri Rudramuni said, “Yes, you will get a son who will bring glory and peace not only to your family but also to the whole world.” Chinnamma was very happy and with that blessing she went away. But Shri Rudramuni’s eyes became wet with tears because he could see the future and he saw that the Mother would not live to take her newly born baby in her arms — her son who was later to become a great Yogi, Saint and Gurudeva, Mahatapasvi Shri Kumarswamiji.