Sri Siddharameshwar’s Vachanas


Sr #VachanaSr #Vachana
1Allama's attention is on detachment from worldly life,
Chennabasava's mind is on knowledge and action,
Basavanna's concentration is on intense devotion,
Madivala's vigilance is on destroying his ego,
Sakalesh's locus is on equality,
Shivayogi Siddharama's focus is on Ishtalinga Pooja.. 2
2The body exists by Your grace,
The mind lives by Your grace,
The wealth comes by Your grace,
When it is perceived that everything is by Your grace,
Everything in its entirety is given as an offering to You ... 2
3Merely wearing the sacred ashes
does not make one a Sharana
If the actions of desire are burnt to ashes,
then it does make one a Sharana 2
4By applying the ointment
Named Shiva's knowledge
Removed the cataract named ignorance
Gained knowledge of Shiva
Kapilasidda Mallinatha
5That blazing sun is enthroned
In the eight petalled Lotus Heart
The Moon is enthroned in the centre of that sun
Fire is seated in the centre of that moon
The glow is seated in the centre of that fire
Enlightenment dwells
In the centre of that glow
Enlightened soul resides in that enlightenment
Shiva the Supreme inhabits
The centre of that enlightened soul
Such a supreme Lord
Placed His hand on the head of my enlightened body
Forged it into a shape from the
Senses of the mind and feeling
And revealed it to my sight
And gave Linga to my palm
To the blessed feet of Channabasavanna
I bow again and again and thus
Will I live O Prabhu,
O Lord Kapilsiddha Mallikarjuna
6A cock is crowing day in and day out
The multitudes of mortals are not aware of it.
Once they are aware,
No birth or bondage for them.
If they stay unaware
No end of their births and deaths,
O Kapilsiddhamallikarjuna.
7Devotee falls in love with a woman
Joining her in marriage
Devotee falls in love with earth
Buys it and builds a house
Devotee falls in love with wealth
It makes him tired and it provides
Kapilasidda Mallikarjuna.


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