Thus Spake the Sharanas




What means this young and old?
In wisdom there is
No difference of age.
Timeless: and time were not,
Myriads of microcosms and macrocosms
Had yet not dawned,
When you alone, as now I know,
Were a great Seer,
In Guheshvaralinga:
That’s so, Channabasavanna!
A Shivayogi I saw
Who has, both in and out,
A splendour of blazing eyes,
As if the very essence of radiant Light!
I was amazed to see
The glory of the Immaculate
Who has incorporated Reality!
Through Channabasavanna
I’m saved
In Guheshvaralinga.

Channabasavanna has deserted the wordly pleasures and sought solace in Guheshvara. Basavanna made me realise this and bow to him. There is a flame against the background of a dark star amidst the blue skies. I bow to Channabasavanna whose character is perfect, whose blessings are readily effective, and who has equated himself with Guheshvara Linga.

Channabasavanna is the only person who knows the truth that Basaveshvara was the promoter of the significance of Linga, Jangama and Prasada. Having neither a Guru nor a disciple, Channabasavanna came forth through: the Linga itself. Channabasavanna brought to light the significance of Prasada and thus made clear the paths of salvation to all people.


Behold the stack of abundant growth
That grew unsown, ungrown!
How, at very birth,
Its perfume is so like a ball of scent!
Before beginning was or the Unbegun,
Himself He was. So, with no manner of touch,
Channabasavanna, gaining the Guru’s grace,
Himself became the Linga, that He might show me
Both goal and way, assumed this form
In Lord Kudala Sangama!

Lord, that a baby born today
Should just today have grown to youth!
That baby now has taken its stand
Upon the street, soliciting!
But Lord Kudala Sangama alone can tell
How happy the experience of their love!
The joy of union, with equal love
And fellowship, through you has come;
Who but you have shown to me
The way to Linga-identity?

Siddharama Shivayogi:

“Channabasavanna’s left foot symbolises ‘work’ his right foot ‘knowledge’, I am glad to be his shoes; and you, Kapila Siddhamallikarjuna, are his servant.” “Wisdom is something that is not attained purely by yoga. I rejected such yoga, followed Channabasavanna, and thus won the highest rapture of Shadsthala.” “I bow to Channabasavanna, for the way he led me on; proved fruitful.” “Channabasavanna is my Guru.” He is a treasure of knowledge.” “The thick: dark iron curtain on my senses was removed by him.” So it is because of his grace that I have been able to reach this present status.”


“Basavanna, Channabasavanna and Allamaprabhu are the three components united inseparably in the Linga.” “Channabasavanna, I am a mere child seeking your kind shelter. I am quite satisfied now that I have reached my destiny that is, your holy presence.” “I bow to you, Channabasavanna, and thus get rid of my birth on this earth.”


“Because of Sanganabasavanna’s blessings I did away with my emotional attachments to this mortal world; because of Channabasavanna’s mercy I did away with my mental cunnings; because of Basavannapriya Channasangayya’s fellowship 1 did away with all the blemishes and doubts of my mind; and thus I could attain the blessings of my guru Prabhudeva.” “My body is devoted to Channabasavanna’s service; my mind to Snnganabasavanna’s and my life to Allamaprabhudeva’s – thus, having scarcely anything left, I reside in Cahnnasangayya’s divine heart.”

Moligeya Marayya:

“Basavanna at Sangama, at Uluve Channabasavanna, Prabhu at the Plantain-grove, the rest of the saints have attained, each at his chosen spot, salvation’s goal. Show me a path.”

Nuliya Chandayya:

“Basavanna himself my physical action; Channabasavanna my spiritual action; Prabhudeva is the action of my consciousness; and Madivalayya is my devotion to dasoha. My body, my knowledge of God, all my good service to mankind-all these are because of you, Channabasavanna; and because of your blessings I have attained your company and become one with you.”

Hadapad Rechanna:

“Channabasavanna is my holy master.”

Sakalesha Madarasa:

“I do not want any other blessing except that of being close to Channabasavanna.’

“No other mortal being, unless he possesses Channabasavanna’s mercy, can attain the blessings of guru Bhogeshvara.”

Shanmukha Swami:

“Channabasavanna became the King of my subtle body in the form of Pranalinga.”

The above Vachanas in which a splendid tribute is paid by the greatest of Sharanas carry the sweetness and light of Channabasavanna himself, and in the light of these ever burning lamps the personality of Channabasavanna shines with uncommon glow. All the Sharanas who came into contact with Channabasavanna were not only impressed by his wisdom and experience but also greatly influenced by his magnetic personality. Channabasavanna was like a genuine touch-stone, transforming all those who approached him for the light of his wisdom into effulgent lights.


[1] Dr. R. G. Hiremath, M. A., Phd. Vice-Chancellor, “SHRI CHANNABASAVESHVARA, Life and Philosophy”, 1978, Karnatak University, Dharwad